DB Connect Usage in SAP BI 7.0


Now, choose the data source from the DB Object Names.

Now, we have selected the “EMPLOYEES” as the Table/View.

Or we can choose the Table/View à “REGION”

We have 2 database fields

  • Region ID

  • Region Description  

Now that the Data source has to be activated before it is loaded, we “ACTIVATE” it once.

After activation, the data records (4) are displayed. Eastern, Western, Northern & Southern

Right click the Info package DS_AC_TEST à Create Info package

We now create an Info package called “IP_DS_AC_TECH”, with Source system as MSSQL

Once done we perform a schedule on the Info package à “Start”

Now, we need to create an Info Area to create an Info provider (like Info Cube)

After creating the info cube we check for the data in the PSA by “Manage the PSA”

This can be also done using the Key controls (Ctrl + Shift + F6)


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