DB Connect Usage in SAP BI 7.0


We now create 2 Info objects & pass the Region ID & Region Description to the 2 objects.

1.          Region Description à Region2 (Region)

2.          Region Description à reg_id (Region ids)

Now, these are the 2 variables created under the Info object “test2”

Ø          Region (REGION2)

Ø          Region ids (REG_ID)

We create Characteristic as Info Provider for the Master Data loading in the “Info Provider” section  à Insert Characteristic as Info Provider  

Now, we create a transformation using “Create Transformation” on the Region ids (Attributes)

We now choose the Source System after this à MSSQL à MS SQL DB CONNECT

After checking the Transformation mappings on the Region ID, we now perform a DTP Creation on the same Region ID (Attribute) 

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