Data Services within the SAP BI staging process


Designing job for the PoC in Data Services Designer 

  1. Click on Project menu and select New > Project.


  1. Let us call our new project as PoC
  2. Create new job by selecting New Batch Job from context menu(right click menu). Call it as PoC_Job1


  1. Create a new dataflow and name it as PoC_DataFlow1.

  1. Open the PoC_DataFlow1 workspace.
  2. Drag PoC_File_Format to the workspace as a Source.

  1. Let us have some validation done on the source data. Let us assume we want only those records where country is ‘IN’ (India) or ‘US’.
  2. Drag the Validation from the Transform tab of the Local Object Library on the Data Flow workspace.

  1. Connect source with the validation.

  1. Double click on the Validation box
  2. You will see Validation Transform Editor as shown below.
    - Click on Country column in the Schema In section.
    - Enable Validation
    - Select ‘In’ radio button and enter validation criteria as ‘IN’, ‘US’.
    - This indicates that records with country as either ‘IN’ or ‘US’ will pass the validation and rest would fail the validation. Passed and failed records are stored separately.

  1. Drag the target for failed records from any of the available datastores e.g. Database, Flat Files, Excel Workbooks, BW Target, etc. In our case, I have created a target datastore for Oracle XE schema on my local machine. So I have taken a template table as a target for the failed records.

  1. Name it as Invalid_Customer.

  1. Connect the Validation box with target Invalid_Customer for failing records.

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