Data Services within the SAP BI staging process


Now, we need SAP BI target for the records which pass the validation. We first have to create DataSource/InfoSource on the SAP BI side. 

In order to create InfoSource, we need InfoObjects corresponding to our sample flat file data. 

1.       Log on to the SAP BI system.

2.       Start the Data Warehousing Workbench using transaction Code RSA1 and select Modeling from the navigation area. Pick the entry InfoObjects.

3.       Create the InfoObjects as per the cloumns in Flat File as shown in the following 3 screenshots. 




4.       Save and Activate the InfoObjects as you create them.

5.       Below screenshot shows all the created InfoObjects. 


Now, let us create a DataSource on the SAP BI side as a target for our sample data. 

Following 3 screenshots shows that System is not allowing us to create a DataSource in a source system of type External System.  

It also provides alternate way to achieve the same. It seems we cannot create BI 7.0 dataSource of type external system. 



As per the method described in the earlier screenshot, we will create InfoSource 3.x. Follow the steps as given below. 

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