How to Enhance Standard Datasource to be used in BI System


Enter the ‘Z’ implementation name.  

Mention Short text for the implementation and click on ‘Interface’ tab.  

Navigate further by selecting ‘DATA_TRANSFORM’ Method and enter the logic for populating the data.  

Method ‘DATA_TRANSFORM’ has 2 essential Parameters:  

·         I_DATASOURCE – Can be used for conditional branching using ‘CASE’ wherein only for the respective data source the logic will be executed.  

·         C_T_DATA – Is a table, which contains data provided by the standard program for the standard fields of the respective structure. This Content can be further used for fetching, mapping and populating newly added fields.  

Once the data has been populated, the same could be tested using Transaction Code ‘RSA3’.  

Enter the Datasource name and Click on ‘Extraction’.

Select ‘ALV Grid’ to view the contents.

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