Enhancing standard BI content master data extractors


Write the code to manipulate the data for new fields and activate the project.  

CASE i_datasource. 
  Data: loc_cand_data type RCF_S_BW_0CANDIDATE_ATTR,
           loc_name type RCF_S_BW_0CANDIDATE_ATTR-cand_name.
Loop at  i_t_data into loc_cand_data.
* write logic to manipulate new  fields.
* select the cand_name form Zcandidate for corresponding candidate.
Select single cand_name from zcandidate into loc_name where objid = loc_cand_data-objid.
* assign to work area.
loc_cand_data-cand_name = loc_name.
* modify the record 
modify i_t_data from loc_cand_data. 
Clear: loc_cand_data .
Again go to RSA6 to change and generate the data source. 

Uncheck “Hide field” and “field only” options and also select “selection” option if any field needs to be as selection options for data extraction.

Save and generate the data source

Now go to RSA3 and execute the extractor 0CANDIDATE_ATTR to check the data..  

Enhance the info object and Replicate the datasource in BI system.

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