3.X Hierarchy Loading for Purchase Cube in SAP BI


Now Save & Activate the Info object.

The info object Material ID (mat_id86) is now active

Further we'll start maintaining Master Data for this Info object. So click the button "Maintain" or use Keyboard controls (F6)

This displays the output screen

The same way we need to create 2 more Info objects, for Material Group & Material Type.

Now, that we have created, it’s the right time for us to maintain the Master data for these info objects. So, we need to first make use of an Info object as its Primary Key (PK). This can be done using the "Attributes" tab.

Further we start maintaining the master data for the Info object catalog.

Go to, create & start creating records for the Master Data.

Now, that the key value objects is Material ID (mat_id86). So, go to Hierarchy tab. Now click on the "Maintain Hierarchy" button

This leads to a new screen à Initial Screen Hierarchy Maintenance. Here we can create a new hierarchy characteristic for the Info object. Now click on new button in the last of the row.

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