3.X Hierarchy Loading for Purchase Cube in SAP BI


Now execute to view the data. Press F8

We can now view the IOBJNM (Info Object Name) & Node names as,

1.                   ROOT

2.                   TEST_LEVEL1

3.                   TEST_LEVEL2

4.                   M200

5.                   M100

6.                   M400

7.                   M300

Now, go to System à List à Save à Local File

You can export this to a local file as Spreadsheet, Rich Text Format, and HTML Format etc.

We now save it with the extension XLS

Further we can perform loading using 3.X Info source.

We now create an Info source as in the following screen shot.  

Go to RSA1 à Info sources à Additional Functions à Create Info source 3.X, and assign this info source to MAT_ID86. Thus, we have created an Info provider.


The rest of the loading is same as the cube level loading as in 3.X.


Thus, the 3.X Hierarchy Loading for Purchase Cube SAP in BI has been demonstrated.

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