Creating Process Chains for DSO


Step 7: Once the process is completed, we can see the whole chain converted to Green, Which indicates the process is successfully completed  

Note: Incase of errors in any step, the particular chain will be displayed in red  


Step 8: We can see if the data is successfully updated by Right-click on the Datastore Data  

Step 9:  On selecting Administer Data Target, will lead you to InfoProvider Administration.  

Step 10: Click on “Active Data” tab to see the data successfully uploaded.  


  1. Similarly the process can be done for Cubes, Master data and Transactional data
  2. When you create Process chains, by default they are stored in “Not Assigned”. If you want to create your own folders,  

a) Click on the icon “Display Components” on your toolbar => choose F4 => Create


b. Give appropriate name for the folder => Enter


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