Beginner’s Guide on Remodeling of Info Providers

By Arun Bala Ganesan, Wipro Technologies

Click the ‘Monitor’ hot key to check the status on a periodic basis.

Click Release Job. The job which had been scheduled has run successfully.

After remodeling has been successful, we need to check & reactivate the transformations, DTPs etc. & other dependent objects associated with the InfoCube.  

Addition of Characteristics

Provide the name & descriptions of new characteristics & dimension it must be included. Also, specify what mechanism the data is populated. In fact, there are 4 ways: Constant, Attribute (& of Characteristic), 1:1 Mapping with Characteristic or Customer Exit. Finally add the new characteristic to the BEx query and execute it.

Replacement of Characteristics is most similar to Addition.

Customer Exit for Remodeling Rules

Go to SE24 –or- Tools > ABAP Workbench > Development > Class Builder

Select Add characteristic, select new characteristic in which the dimension characteristic needs to be added. Select option Customer Exit, select Customer Exit and Transfer.  


Use the last option to ‘Insert’ While the rule is being executed it can be monitored by clicking on the monitor button. Once the class builder is open, you can goto ‘Interface’ tab & use the Interface IF_RSCNV_EXIT. This is nothing but an structure which defines how one class behaves with other classes, also known as abstract class.  

An interface can specify a set of methods, and classes that implement the interface will have to provide concrete implementations of those methods. IF_RSCNV_EXIT being the interface, we must implement the remodelling functionality via few methods (exits) Viz. IF_RSCNV_EXIT~EXIT. Once the class has been coded, we need to save & activate the method.

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