To upload Sales Order data from SAP R/3 to BI using generic DataSources


Step 3: Create InfoPackage on the DataSource  

InfoPackage: It acts as a link to extract data from Source system and gives it to PSA 


Note: We can restrict data in “Data Selection” tab once you create InfoPackage as shown in the below screen shot 

Step 4: Goto “Schedule” and click on “Start”  


Step 5: Click on icon “Monitor” on the toolbar to view if the data is successfully loaded to PSA  

PSA: Persistent Staging Area is a staging area where you can load the data temporarily before loading to target 


In the below screen shot, you can see status – “Request successfully loaded to PSA


Below Screen shot shows the data loaded to PSA 


Steps to build the Target system 

Step 6:

  1. Rtclk on the DataSource, clk on “Create InfoCube


Step 7: Create Dimension table. Dimension table will have all “Primary Keys”. In our example VBELN – Sales Doc No is the primary key 



Note: We need to define at least one KeyFigure

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