To upload Sales Order data from SAP R/3 to BI using generic DataSources


Step 8: Create DTP  

DTP: DTP is used to transfer data from PSA to Data target. In our case the target is InfoCube.


The below screen shot shows the Source and Target DTP  

Note: In our case the source is DataSource and Target is InfoCube  


Select Extraction Mode as “Full” as we are loading the data for the first time  


Step 9:

  1. Save and Activate
  2. Go to “Execute” tab and click on Execute

Below screen shot shows the DTP monitor. Green indicates that the data is successfully loaded to the target system  


Step 10: To see if the data is successfully loaded to target system,

Rtclk on the Infocube => Manage  


Note: When you create DTP a Request Id will be generated as shown in the below screen shot


Step 11: Go to “Contents” => “InfoCube Content” to see the output  


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