Translation of BI objects


Create an Object List.  

As shown below, in the object List dialog box, choose create option. Give description for your Object List and save.


Assign the Piece List.  

To include the Piece List in the Object List press “No Entries” button next to Transports (under ABAP system).  

Enter the name of the Piece List you have created. If you want evaluate several piece lists, create entry for each one of them.

Enter “*” as the transport type.

Enter “*” as the transport status.

Save your entries.  

Save the Object List Parameters.

Generate the Object List.

Choose “Activate”.

Generate the Object List.  

Schedule the background job which will generate the object list (the name of the    job will be OBJLIST_xxxxx, xxxxx = number of the object list).  

Editing a Work list in the Translation Environment

Once the job for generating the object list is finished, please go to the translation Environment (transaction code SE63).

In the next steps, all objects contained in the object List will be translated using a Work list.  

Check your Default settings.

Go to Transaction SE63; from the Utilities Menu choose settings.

Here, it is necessary to ensure that the Source Language and Target Language settings correspond to your translation objective.  

Check the specific format setting in which languages must be entered (For ex:”US English” is having Language Code “enUS” and not simply EN.) Save your settings.

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