Step-by-Step tutorial to upload Master Data from Flat File (SourceSystem) to InfoObjects (Master data table)



In the pop-up for InfoObject enter Characteristic name and description.

The first Characteristic InfoObject created can be treated as a key value in the Master table to be created.  

On the right window, the properties of the Characteristic ‘CUSTNO’ are visible.

  • In the General Tab, enter the Data Type and Length.

Note: the ‘Attribute Only’ field is not checked. This means that this Characteristic is a primary key field in the Master Data table.

If the box is checked, then it becomes an attribute of this Characteristic Key field or just another normal field in the Master data Table.

  • In the Business Explorer tab, no changes to be done.  

Save + Activate => P tables gets created

  • In the Master data/texts tab,

-          Check “With Master data”, to create a Master Data table, having naming convention /BIC/P<characteristic name>

-          Check “With Texts”, to create a corresponding Text table for this Master Data table with two default fields – Language & Description.

Select ‘short/medium/long texts’, also ‘texts language dependent’.

-          Select “Char is InfoProvider” (as our InfoObject is our target in this scenario).

-          Enter the InfoArea in the box below.

  • In the Attribute tab,  enter the fields (non-key fields) that need to be maintained within the Master Data table.

      Ex:  Customer Id – primary key field



On entry of each field, hit [Enter] and in the pop-up box, select the 1st option – “Create Attribute as Characteristic”.

Enter the Data type and the Length. [Enter]

Repeat the same for other fields too.  

[Activate ]  - Activate all dependent InfoObjects.  

Create File Interface: Source Systems à File à Createà <New File System>


Use the existing file source system

Data Source creation/selection:  

On the Navigator tab, select Data Source. Click on the ‘[X]’ button to Choose the Source System.  

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