Step-by-Step tutorial to upload Master Data from Flat File (SourceSystem) to InfoObjects (Master data table)


Choose the Source System à File à <Flat File source system name>  

Right click on the header and Create Application Component.  


Enter the name and description for Application Component.


Click ok.

The technical name of Application component APC_CUSTOMER now gets saved as  => ZAPC_CUSTOMER  

Right click on the Application component and create DataSource  


Enter a suitable DataSource name : DS_Cust

                          Source System : Flatfile

Select Data Type of DataSource : Master Data attributes à as we are creating master data table.  


Select Master Data Attributes, while you are uploading Master Data from file (DS1)

Select Master Data Text, while you are uploading Text Descriptions for the Master Data records (DS2)


In the right Window, you can view the Data Source properties.

  • General Info tab – provides information on the Data Source created  
  • Extraction tab – provides details of file to be extracted.

In a Data source, we need to mention 2 details:

-          Name of Flat File (ASCII or CSV) to be uploaded

-          Structure (Layout) of the input file, mentioning the fields.  

Therefore, make the following changes:

- Select name of file using F4, search for the file on you local desktop

- Header rows to be ignored = ‘1’ (if file has a header row as column titles)

                                             = ‘0’ (if file has no header row)

- Select Data Format as – “Separated with Separator (for ex CSV)”.

  Enter the Data Separator as ‘ , ‘.  

  • Proposal tab – provides a quick view of the data in the flat file to be uploaded

            Click on the ‘Load Example’ tab. The details can be viewed in the below pane.  

  • Fields tab – provides details of all fields used to create a data structure, to map with the fields from Source file.

-          In the Template Info field, enter the field names (characteristics/attributes).

-          [Enter] or [Save]

-          [Copy] : all properties of the characteristics ( ex: data types, length etc) are copied here.  

Note: the fields 0LANGU and 0TXTSH are the standard SAP defined characteristics InfoObjects.  




  • Preview tab – gives a preview of data on flat file loaded onto a structure.

-          Click on “Read Preview Data”  

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