Step-by-Step tutorial to upload Master Data from Flat File (SourceSystem) to InfoObjects (Master data table)


Info Package: An InfoPackage helps to transport data from the Data Source structures into the PSA tables. (This is similar to transfer of data from Work areas to Internal Tables in R/3 ABAP).  

Rt. Click on the Data Source and Create InfoPackage.  

Enter the InfoPackage name : IP_Cust

Enter a suitable Description  

Select the corresponding DataSource from the list below and [Save].  


On the right window, we have the InfoPackage properties:

  • Data Selection tab – to initiate loading of data into the infopackage

-          Select “Start Data Load Immediately”

-          Click on [Start].

-          Then click on the [Monitor]button – next to “Process Chain Mgmt”

Or [ F6].  

In the next screen, we can view the status of the data loading to PSA.

Click on the [PSA Maintenance] or [Ctrl + F8] to maintain the PSA table with the flat file values.  


In the pop-up, defining the number of records per request, click OK.  


This leads to the PSA display screen, with the table and the respective data in them.

Click on [Back] and come back to the DataSource screen.  

Transformation: This is a rule that is defined, for mapping the source fields in the DataSource to the final Target (basically, the Info Providers from where BI extracts the reports).

In this case, our target is the InfoObject (Master data table), which has been already created.  

Note: Normally, the Transformation can be created on the Data Source or the Target. Here, we are creating a Transformation on the DataSource.  

Right click on DataSource à Create Transformation  

In the pop-up,

  • For the Target of Transformation,

                 - Enter Object Type: InfoObject (this is our target in this scenario)

                 - Enter subtype of Object: Attributes (as we’re considering Master data only. Not transactional data)

                 -  Enter the name of the InfoObject we created.  

  • For the Source of  Transformation,

                 - Enter Object Type: DataSource (this is our source structure)

                 - Enter name of Data Source used

                 - Enter the Source System used.

  Click on OK  


While uploading Master Data, select Sub-type of Object : ‘Attributes’ (IP1 for DS1)

While uploading Text desc. For this Master Data, select Subtype of Object : ‘Texts’ (IP2 for DS2)

In the next screen pop-up, we get the no. of proposals (rules) generated to map source fields with target fields. Click on Ok.  


On the next window we can see a graphical representation of the mapping of Source fields to Target fields.  

Save and Activate, if the mapping if done correctly.

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