Step by Step guide - How to use BI queries in Visual Composer




  • Browse is used to display tree or top level element for Model.
  • It will give all the list of pages, iview.


Compose includes components, Connectors, Operator and Additional Operator.  

Components: Form view, table view, chart view, HTML View, Nested iview, Layer.

Connectors: Start,End,Signal In, Signal Out, Popup signal, User Data and Data store.

Operators: Filter, sort, sigma, upper, lower and distinct.

Additional: Union, Intersect, subtract, Group By, combine.  

Find Data:

  • Find is used to find the process which you want to add in VC.
  • Select the source system and select the process which we want to add.
  • Like example if you want to add query, select SBD as source system and then select query in Look for and then query name or technical name as search criteria.
  • Click on search. You will find all queries related to your search and just select it and drag to design board.  


  • It is used to deploy or compile the report and check box is there for deploy entire model including al the pages and iview.  

How to Create One VC Report: Step by Step  


  • Find the query using Find Data component and drag and drop to the Design Board.
  • Like Select System = SBCCLNTXXX, Look For = query, Query = Zfiar_03_Q003 or ZFIAR_03*.
  • You can see the list of the query regarding your search criteria.
  • Drag and drop it.  

After Drag and Drop the query, you can see the report box in the design.

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