Beginner’s Guide to Real Time Data Access via Web Services in SAP NW-BI


Here we assign the daemon ID [For instance: Daemon ID #07 has been assigned for this data source]. Now, that we have assigned the DS to this daemon 'node', we cannot start unless we have DTP also. Note: Info package is visible; its technical name comes in handy as it starts with 'ZPAK.......'. At this point, we have to assign the DTP also for data transfer. Here we have right clicked on the DS & choose the option 'Assign DTP'. Notice the message 'DTP assigned to Info Package', which means it’s a successful procedure. Now, it’s time to begin the daemon process: Here we right click the daemon & choose the option 'Start Daemon with all Info packages...'

Fig.1.33 - The batch job has been planned for the IP & the job is started when batch job is free. Notice the change in the # of records in upload & the 'Last Upload' time.


Go to DS level & click on 'Web Service Administration'; In Web service administration page, Choose the corresponding web service (Here its /BIC/CQDS_XML_00003000) Choose the option 'Web Service Homepage' or use Ctrl + F8. Choose the option - 'RPC Style' in Settings for WSDL Generation & click OK.  

Login the web portal with user name & password. Notice the details of the web service [As in example for /BIC/CQDS_XML_00003000]. We have the WSDL details, description, UDDI publications, Features etc. On viewing these details, we navigate to the page which handles the 'Operations' for the /BIC/CQDS_XML_00003000. Clicking on the /BIC/CQDS_XML_00003000's operation would lead us to this page. Here we need to key in details of the Database via portal, which is formatted using XML. Here we can notice the details are entered as - [Mat.ID, Cust.ID, Quantity, Unit] E.g. for a sample data is like - [MX3330, CX3330, 343, KG]. Notice the time-out for this is 60 seconds as created for the daemon.  After clicking 'Submit', the data is processed & sent to the recipient.

Now in WSADMIN, we can notice the change in 'Records in Upload' as 1, and it took exactly the correct transfer as assumed. Hence it’s successful.

Go to RSA1, and we must right click the DSO & choose the option 'Display Data'. Perform the 'Field selection Output' function for details necessary for user. Successfully all details have been updated to DSO from the portal via a web service.

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