Integrating BO-Xcelsius (SWF) file with BO-Crystal Reports


Open Crystal Reports 2008 and select Report Wizard.  

Now a new connection has to be opened by keeping the Excel file which we mentioned above will be acting as the database.  


We will select “Access/Excel” as the new connection and mention the path of the excel file by changing the Database Type as “Excel 8.0  


By clicking on “Finish” several properties can be assigned in the following steps by clicking on “Next”, like

  • What are the fields to be displayed in the report
  • Template to be used
  • Selecting fields if summary is needed and etc

Follow the below screen and assign the properties.  



While Clicking in “Finish” following screen displayed on Preview mode.  


Now the Xcelsius (SWF) file has to be integrated and based on the users need, design has to be done in the formatted report. Go to design mode and click on INSERT -> FLASH and select the SWF file and place it in the crystal report.  


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