Integrating BO-Xcelsius (SWF) file with BO-Crystal Reports


Now the values has to be mapped to which will be from the database which we are using for the crystal report. Right click on the SWF file and select “Flash Data Expert”.  

Now the values have to be mapped for the SWF file.  

  • Drag and Drop Sheet1_.State field to Insert row Label
  • Drag and Drop Sheet1_.Population-2009, Sheet1_.Population-2010 and total fields to Insert Data value fields.  

Now by clicking on “Ok” save the crystal report. The crystal report can be exported to “PDF” or “HTML” so that the report can be visualized interactively.   



From the above screen mention the path and export the report in HTML 4.0. Open the HTML file from the exported path and the report will generate as below.  


When the database (Excel Sheet) is updated with more records, by clicking on “Refresh Data” icon   in crystal report; the data will be updated and affected in the crystal report. The Xcelsius file will also be affected and displayed in the same manner as of crystal report.  

By refreshing Crystal report

Save the Crystal report and export the same in HTML 4.0 format.  

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