Displaying the BO-Universe data though an Xcelsius file (SWF)


By clicking on Next, preview of the designed query will be displayed.  

Now by clicking on the Publish button, the developed query will be deployed to consume the query as Web Service  

Now the Query has been successfully published and consumed as web service based on the Universe derived from BW Targets. Now the Xcelsius file has to be designed and configured.  

Open BO-Xcelsius 2008 and place a Query as a Web Service connection by opening the Data Manager. Copy the URL from the above developed system and place the same in the WSDL URL of the data connection and click on Import. Method, Web Service URL, Input Values and Output values are updated with series of data based on the web Service derived.

Now the cells have to map and canvas of the Xcelsius has to be designed based on the data returned through Query as a Web Service.  


A List View component will be placed on the canvas and data will be mapped based on the Output Value of the QaaWS. Save the Xcelsius file and Export the XLF file as Show Wave File (SWF). Execute the SWF file, the Query as a Web Service will be activated and the data will start to flow based on the Web Service defined.  

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