SAP-BODS Integration using BAPI


5. Considerations in BAPI:

Consider the following issues:  

• All character values must be uppercase

• Padding values

• Assumed decimal values (QTY)

• Codes are language-specific

• Automatic type conversion

• SAP ERP or R/3 version-specific behavior

To determine the data requirements of various SAP ERP or R/3 functions, you can read the function requirements in the SAP GUI transaction screens:  

• BAPI list by functional area: bapi

• BAPI and RFC source and input and output parameters: SE37  

You can also determine appropriate values, such as the language-specific code values, by looking at the table where the data is ultimately stored.  

6. Calling RFC’s enabled Function Module:

One solution would be to RFC-enable the function. That is a SAP provided function, I guess the better idea is to write a new function which does nothing else than calling this function and enable RFC. For example to call the Function module ‘READ_TEXT’ which was a normal function one, copy the same function module and make it RCF enabled. The following steps are required to enable the RFC.

Create a new function module in the transaction SE37 ‘ZREAD_TEXT’ and assign to function group ‘ZTEST_GRP’ as shown.

In the attributes tab make it as RFC enabled as shown below

Call the normal function module ‘READ_TEXT’ in the source code. Save it and activate it.

Now the RFC enable function module ‘ZREAD_TEXT’ is ready.


Now let us see how to call this from BODS designer.

After dragging the source and connected to query then this RFC function call is done.

In the Query edition a ‘New Function Call’ option is available as shown below and give the required importing parameters.


As we have table parameter available in this Function module, we need to normalize the schema by calling one more query as shown below.


Once the Job is executed we can see the result that has been extracted from the Function module.

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