SAP BODS - Beginners guide


Now, launch again the Repository Manager and check in ODBC drop-down for newly created DSN name.

If the name is not visible, then you need to go to ODBC again and re-configure.

If it is listed now, you can proceed with the next steps.  

You again need to provide all the mySQL login credentials and database name above as you did earlier for DSN configuration.

Select the flag ‘Show details’. It gives you all the information what version it is and all the other details when you start creating local repository.

Now, hit the ‘Create’ button.

You need to wait for some time for the repository to be created.

Follow the next screen.

You should see that ‘local repository was successfully created’

You can check for the version of the repository as well by hitting ‘Get Version’.

Now, it is time for the most important work.

You need to launch BODS Designer to start your development activities.

Go to All Programs>SAP Business Objects XI 3.2>sap Business Objects Data Services>Data Services Designer


Provide all the information you used in creating local repository a while ago.  

Now, you get the screen layout.

There are basically three important areas you need to undertand.

1) Local Object Library:- It contains all the necessary objects used for the development of jobs.

2) Project Area:- It contains all the jobs which are ready for execution or you are currently working on.

3) Workspace area: The bigger space, where you actually design your job.  

Start development

Right on empty space in local object area/click on ‘Create Project’ under Getting Started in the main page.

Create with any name like above  

You can find it in the top left pane (project area).  


Right click on the project name and select ‘new Batch Job’.


Give any name to the new job as shown.

The job is created.

No, it is not!!!

You need to create dataflow under it.

On the right hand side, you can see the list if icons.

You click-once the dataflow and click-once on the workspace area (bigger area)

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