SAP BODS - Beginners guide


Name the dataflow as per your wish. It should start with DF_.

Now, you need to define the source structure.

In this example, we are using the flat file as source. So, we will create flat file format.

Go to ‘formats’ tab in local object library as below:-


Right click on the flat file and select new.  


You will get the File Format Editor as shown above.

Now, you need to define the structure of the input file.

In this example, the input file has 3 fields EMP_ID,EMP_NAME and EMP_DEPT.

Click under the ‘field name’ and add the field names.

Under ‘Data type’ choose relevant datatype like ‘int’ for EMP_ID, ‘varchar’ for EMP_NAME’ etc.  

In the left hand side, click on ‘Root directory’ folder to browse to the correct path where the input file is placed .

Click on ‘File name(s)’ and you should be able to browse to see the input file.  

Follow the next subsequent screens.  

In this example, the input file is a text file which has 2 records as shown below:-

The text file contains the first row as header defining the field types.

The next 2 rows contain data.

Since, we already defined the flat file format structure with field names, we can ignore the first row header (shown in the next screen)

When you try to save and close the file format editor, it gives you the above warning.

If you have defined the structure with field names in your file format editor, you should select ‘no’, else it will overwrite with input file provided in the file name.

Here, you select ‘no’.  

Ignoring the row header  

Now, since we have already defined the file format with our field names, we do not require the row header provided in the input file.

So, ‘ignore the row header’. See the next screen.  


You find the flat file format created as shown above.

Now, you need to use this file format as source in your data flow.

Drag and drop the file format in the workspace area and make it as source.

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