SAP BODS - Beginners guide


Click once on the ‘Query’ icon on the right hand side and click once on the workspace.

Name the query and join it to the source file format.

Now, you need to define the target.

In this example, we are loading to table.

So, we need to create a datastore(logical connection to database).

Go to ‘datastores’ tab  in local object library and right click on the blank space.  



You will get the above screen where you need to provide inputs.

Datastore name:- as per your choice.

Datastore type;-Database

Database type:-mySQL( in this case, as we are using my SQL database for staging tables)  

All over again, you need to provide all login credentials and database name as you provided earlier for creating local repository.

If you are using another database for staging tables, you can use information provided by the DBA.  


You see the datastore created.

Now, you click once on the template table icon in the right hand side and click once on the workspace


You need to define  the name of the target table as per your wish.

Click on OK

Now, join the query transform icon to the target.

But, we have not still mapped the fields from source to target.

Click on the name of the query.

You will find that, there are three fields in the source.

You would like to map all the three fields from source to target

Drag and drop each field from left pane to right pane one by one.  

Now, try to validate that the design has any errors or warnings

Click on validate current icon

If you get the following warnings  

[Source File:"EMPLOYEE.txt"(EMPLOYEE)]

Job Server error (the Job Server may not be responding). The directory for the file <C:/EMPLOYEE.txt> cannot be validated to ensure that it is valid at design time. Ensure that the directory is valid by run-time. (BODI-1110017)  

It was expected. The job server was not configured.

Did you see the icon   ?

Please remember that you have BODS server components installed on your machine and so you are responsible to configure Job server as well.

Launch Server manager



Click on ‘Edit Job server config’.


Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘OK’.

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