SAP-BODS integration using IDOCS


3. Sending IDOCs:

Sending an IDOC to SAP is an asynchronous task. One or many IDOCs are posted to SAP, just like inserting into a database table, and get stored in the SAP database. Later, SAP starts to process the IDOC and e.g. creates this new material record. Once the processing is done, no matter if successful or not, the status of this IDOC is updated in the SAP table EDIDC.

As a consequence, unlike with BAPIs, you get no return of the processing. Your only choice is to periodically query above status table and copy the status back into the senders table. If an immediate return code is required or the actual error message you have to use BAPIs. On the counter side, IDOCs are supposed to be faster while still running full data consistency tests.

Before sending the IDOCs we need to have SAP Data store to be created and then import the required IDOC. For our case to create the customer ‘DEBMAS06’

The data store created as referred here as ‘SAP_ECC’ shown above, then import the IDOC ‘DEBMAS06’ as shown below.

Click on import by name and give the IDOC name as shown below.

The following flat file information is required to create the customer through IDOCs. Row generator is required for input the configuration.

Flat file information as shown below.

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