Using controller in BSP Application


6.       Redefine method DO_INIT, dbl click on the method in change mode.

The DO_INIT Method behaves just like initialization event wherein we provide the data declaration.

Here we can fetch the data form the database table SFLIGHT into internal table t_flight 


The attributes have to be set in the Attributes Tab of the Class  


7.       Redefine Method DO_REQUEST

Select the method DO_REQUEST and press the Redefine button and open the method in change mode. In this method we would be calling Layout (View) we create a reference variable referencing the page and then call the methods CREATE VIEW and pass it the actual view (not yet created). We then call the view.


8.       Create a BSP Page (View)

In SE80 right click on the BSP Application and select Create->Page->Page Type-> View

Provide the page as main1.htm and description. 


9.       Assigning attributes to the View. 


10.   Populate the view with data. 


11.   Save and Activate BSP Application

12.   Execute the controller: Go to the controller index and double click. Use the test (execute) button to view the results.

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