HR-IC Enhancement Date TAB Addition



The viewset ViewSet ICCMP_BT_SVT/SLAView has a view View ItemDates.MainWindow which can be used for displaying in the DATES tab which has information like First Response and Due dates.

A NavigationalLink “ToSladates” has to be established from the source ViewSet ICCMP_BT_SVT/HeaderPartnerFolUpViewSet with an Outbound plug DATES to Target ItemDates.MainWindow with an Inbound Plug DEFAULT as shown below.

Save the Repository Changes.


Now drag the View ItemDates.MainWindow from the ViewSet ICCMP_BT_SVT/SLAView  and its ViewArea ItemDates to the Viewset  ICCMP_BT_SVT/HeaderPartnerFolUpViewSet and its ViewArea HeaderPartnerFolUpMain as show below.

Save the Repository Changes.


Now we have established a NavigationalLink ToSladates and dragged the Item view to the Partner Follow-up View set. Few changes in the event handler EV_ONHELP and outbound-plug OP_DATES will the bring Itemdates view in the DATE tab with the required data like First Response Date and Due Date.

Add the following code in the event handler EH_ONHELP and activate it.


Add the following code in the outbound-plug OP_DATES and activate it.


Now test the service and it will show the respective SLA dates in the DATE tab as below.

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