Building interactive BSP Application


The code in the Event handler: 


Here, row_key is a field in tv_data which contains the selected row value (Key value mentioned in the tableview). 


Define the page attributes as below: 

fs_vbak TYPE    VBAK                           Sales Document: Header Data

it_kna1              TYPE    TYPES_KNA1   Internal table to hold customer information

it_vbak              TYPE    TYPES_VBAK   Internal table to hold Sales information

w_flag              TYPE    C                                  Flag

w_kna1 TYPE    KNA1                            General Data in Customer Master

w_kunnr_high    TYPE    KNA1-KUNNR   Customer Number 1

w_kunnr_low      TYPE    KNA1-KUNNR   Customer Number 1 

Define Type definition as below: 

types: types_kna1 type table of kna1,

       types_vbak type table of vbak.


   begin of types_range,



     low  type kunnr,

     high type kunnr,

   end of types_range. 

Now execute the BSP Application

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