Resume application using BSP Application


Output (first.htm):



<%@page language="abap"%>
<%@ extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %>

<htmlb:content design="classic+design2002+design2003">

<htmlb:page title="Simple Format">

<h3><b><font size="16" face="courier new" color='green'><u> Your Details </u></font></b></h3>

<htmlb:gridLayout columnSize="2" rowSize="7">

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="1">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Name:</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="1">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <%page->write( value = i_name ).%> </b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="2">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Age       :</b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="2">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = i_age ). %> </b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="3">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Sex       :</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="3">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = i_sex ). %> </b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="4">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Address:</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="4">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = i_address ). %> </b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="5">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Qualification:</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="5">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = i_qualify ). %> </b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="6">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> My Strengths:</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="6">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = c_text ). %> </b></font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="1" rowIndex="7">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='blue'> <b> Extra Activities:</b> </font>

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex="2" rowIndex="7">
<font size="6" face="courier new" color='red'> <b> <% page->write( value = i_act ). %> </b></font>

Page Attributes:

i_act	TYPE	CHAR40
i_address	TYPE	CHAR40
i_age	TYPE	NUMC2
i_name	TYPE	CHAR40
i_qualify	TYPE	CHAR5
i_sex	TYPE	CHAR6
selection1	TYPE	STRING
selection2	TYPE	STRING


<%@page language="abap"%>
<%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb"%>

<htmlb:content design="design2003">
  <htmlb:page title = " ">
    <b><htmlb:label for="lb" text="Your Details" /></b>
<% if itab1 is not initial. %>
<htmlb:tableView id="tv" table="<%= itab1 %>">
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="NAME" title="NAME"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="AGE" title="AGE"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="ADDRESS" title="ADDRESS"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="SEX" title="SEX"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="QUALIFY" title="QUALIFY"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName="ACT" title="ACTIVITY"></htmlb:tableViewColumn>
<% endif. %>


itab1     TYPE   ZRES_TT

Final Output: 


When click on Submit:


When click on Save:

 When click on Display:


When Click on Reset:

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