Integrating SAP data (R/3 or BW Data) with the BO-Xcelsius (Business Objects) using BSP 

Part 2: SAP BSP + BO-Xcelsius (web Service Connection)


Once the above steps are done, open the SOA MANAGEMENT through SOAMANAGER transaction and follow the below screens stepwise. 

We can test the data of the FM as XML file through the web service URL by copying the link which is highlighted above and place it in IE.  

Now the report has to be designed in BO-Xcelsius based on the data from web service which will be consumed as WSDL URL.  

Now the report has to be designed based on the functionality / users requirement of the report. The Input (Read from) and Output (Insert In) cells have to be mapped to the Xcelsius-Excel sheet during the design phase.  

The designed Xcelsius file will be saved in XLF format locally which will be then exported as SWF file.  

Now the created SWF file has to be presented to the dashboard by having SAP BSP as the web interface.  

Create a BSP Application ZDEMO_WEBSERV with a HTML View-DISPLAY.HTML with the following code. Import the SWF file into the BSP application in the MIME folder.  

Now test the DISPLAY.HTML and interact with Xcelsius file by giving input and output will be based on the functionality of the web service.  

Here the R/3 data is consumed as a FM and used as the source. In the previous part also R/3 data is used as the source. BW data can also be used as the source data in the previous and for this experiment also.

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