Integrating SAP data (R/3 or BW Data) with the BO-Xcelsius (Business Objects) using BSP 

Part 3: SAP BSP + BO-Xcelsius (XML Data Connection)


Now the data from the XML has to be mapped to a series of range. Mark check on “Enable Load” and click on “+”. Name the series as “Q1” which we used the variable name in the XML file and select the ranges based on the data. Click on preview XML and compare the XML file generated by Xcelsius preview and the XML generated while testing XML view from BSP application. The format should be the same, so that the data can be parsed easily between the BSP and SWF file which is going to be generated.

Now export the Xcelsius file as a flash file.  


Now the BSP application will be enhanced with an HTML page which will be holding SWF file and will be displayed during the run time. Place the below code shown in the screen on the layout of HTML view.  

Now test the HTML view and SWF file will be generated. Based on the different selections on flight date the data will be changed as shown in the below screens.  

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