Installation of SAP Netweaver Composition Environment 7.1 SP5 - Developer Edition (All steps, for beginning to the end, running a Web Dynpro for Java page)


So, install your windows XP! (I’ll not go so deep in this tutorial, so if you need a help in a windows installation, go back when you have more than 5 years old).

An important thing for performance and pre requisites subject is create a partition for swap memory! This is very important


Don’t worry with the names of partitions. The partition “E” will be our swap memory

Make a password. This will be needed to start and stop the instances. Go ahead and finish it!

THE FILES…a possible problem

There is a problem with the files for download from SAP site. When this tutorial is done, the link is running without problem, but I don’t know the lifecycle of this tutorial and you can have a lot of trouble and frustration if SAP remove this link…

Each version of demo has its particular problems when installation, so, even if the files are uncatchable, this tutorial can be useful for the others installations…so, good look! :-)

After windows installation

That would be nice if you increase the swap memory of host windows where you are running the VM.

This can be done like that (its not necessary,  but recommended)


I increased the swap memory of a partition D. If you don’t have other partitions in your host, just certify partition C with the max of memory swap (4096)

When everything is done with the windows installation, let’s install virtual box additions. This implement a lot of useful tools and we need use some of these tools.

In parallel we will deactivate everything that represents memory consumption in your VM

Right button in the windows bar



Remove desktop image

And done!

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