Installation of SAP Netweaver Composition Environment 7.1 SP5 - Developer Edition (All steps, for beginning to the end, running a Web Dynpro for Java page)


Installing virtual tools

Go until you finish…no problems or difficult in this step

Reboot your VM!  

importing your files to VM

The installation files of CE 7.1 need to be insert into VM. So, lets share a folder…  





Choose the driver where the files are, not the folder!!


Confirm until all screens are gone!






We’ll copy the downloaded files into VM.  

We will need two more files to complete our journey.

JAVA installation and JAVA JCE policy  


Download them too. It’s not easy to find then and the version of then, but if some afford you will find then.

I’m a nice person, so I’ll share then with you.

Go to the link:  

If you have problems to copy them extracted, copy them and extract that after. Inside VM, internet connection are shared with the host, so install WINRAR and extract then.

ð      Obs: don’t copy the files in desktop.  We have problem with the extension of path of files. Create a folder in root

ð      C:\ CE FILES

Lets swap the partition E

Format it!


Increase swap of C and implement it to drive E

Installing JAVA

Install it

Just change the path to the root path

Go on!

Change jre path installation  

Environment variable

WE need to define environment variable to tell to windows were are the java files for execution of installation of CE



ADD “;path\bin


We have a response for the command!

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