SAP CE7.2 Server Installation & Configuration (NWDS7.2 installation included)


4.       Choose SAP System ID (here ‘E6X’) and Destination drive of your choice (here, D)
Click Next.

5.    You will be prompted for JCE (Java Cryptography Extension)

6.    Provide the JCE ZIP File path where you have downloaded it.

Click Next

7.    Provide password (here I use, welcome1 as password throughout the document).

8.    If you don’t meet the hardware requirements you get the above message.

(i) Min swap is 4075MB [how to change this: Navigate to MyComputer>Properties>Advanced>(Performance)Settings>Advanced>(VirtualMemory)Change]
in the InitialSize for CustomSize option change the value to 4075 and click on set.
(ii)Min RAM is 2GB as discussed earlier. Click Next.

Note: Even if your machine does not meet the requirements, server installation will be successful but all other applications crawls after you install the server.


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