SAP CE7.2 Server Installation & Configuration (NWDS7.2 installation included)


9.       Note: installation takes more than an hour. So please be patient. Don’t turn off your CPU, as it may lead to more system issues later.

Choose OK to close the installer.

10. Restart your machine for better results (Recommended).  

Working with the CE Server.

Things to be discussed

1)       Remember authentication details (given in the start.html page in the ce7.0 server installation folder) please refer screen shot below.

2)       Start the Server

3)       Assign the server to the Netweaver  

Starting  the Server

1)       Start the Database by name MAXDB from the services window

a.       Start>run>services.msc

b.       Start the service shown in the below screen shot

2) After successful server installation you get an icon on the desktop by name sapmmc (SAP Microsoft Management Console). Double click and open that.

3) Right click on the SAP Systems>Start.                     

Status GUIDE

4)  Once the Server is started navigate to this page http://<hostname>:50000/startPage

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