SAP CE7.2 Server Installation & Configuration (NWDS7.2 installation included)


9.      Configuration Netweaver Administrator

Navigate to nwa page http://<HostName>:50000/nwa
            Userid  :   Administrator
           Password   : welcome1

1)       Click on Configuration Management>Infrastructure>Destinations

Here we need to create Three Parameters with the HTTP Destination

a) SLD_Supplier

b) SLD_DataSupplier

c) SLD_Client

2)        on CREATE button

3)       Provide Following details

4)       Click Next and provide the below details

                                                               i.      URL                  : http://<HostName>:50000/sld/cimom (about this url                   given after this slide)

                                                             ii.      SystemID         : E6X

                                                            iii.      Client               : 001

                                                            iv.      Language        : EN

Connection and Transport Security Settings

Check this in a blank webpage http://<HostName>:50000/sld/cimom

Upon pressing enter you get the below page

This means everything is fine and takes that URL

Click here to continue...

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