Installing MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2 DATABASE Software Manually (For Windows Server 2008 R2)


12.  In database engine config, chosse MIXED mode if installation is for Java Stack or ABAP+Java Stack.

The password being entered is for built in SQL server system admin account. User name for this account is "sa" and the password should follow windows password policy (i.e. one Uppercase, one lower case and one numeric character and min eight characters.)

PS: This user and password is used when configuring this system in solution manager.

Then add current user and other SAP users in administrator user:

13. Choose next in Error and usage reporting and check if everything is right in Installation Rule. If there is no warning click Next

14. Click Install

15. Check that all the steps were successful.

16. Check

Press close.


Post Installation Activity:

1. Choose:

Start-->All Programs-->Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 -->Congiguration Tools --> SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. Do following


PS: Let VIA be disabled. In my case I only had to enable Named Pipes. Also check if TCP/IP is enabled or not.

3. Restart SQL server and its agents services.

Step 5:

Verification of Installation:

Go to MS SQL Server Management Studio and enter the host name

and then connect.

This completes the installation process.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, if you will not face any problem during installation of SAP.

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