Enable SAP Out Of The Box Enterprise Services (SAP OOTB ES)


Phase 2

Selective installation of Enhancement Package

SAP Enhancement Package allows updating a subset of software components that are part of SAP ECC.

Each SAP enhancement package contains new versions of existing software components.  With SAP enhancement packages upgrade/install process, ECC system will be installed/updated with selected software components that are related to the functionality to enable SAP OOTB Enterprise Services.

Installation Aspects

·         The technical installation of the business functions does not change the system behavior.

·         After the installation, no user interface or process change takes place.

·         You must explicitly activate new functions so that they become visible in the system.

·         As a result, changes are predictable and there are no side effects as only the activated areas change.

About Business Functions:

The business functions in an enhancement package define the functional scope, which you can activate and use in the supported business process.

A technical usage refers to a set of product instances. All product instances of a technical usage have to be installed to enable a business function. Each business function is dedicated to a technical usage.

Activate Business Functions

·         With the switch framework technology (transaction SFW5), it is possible to control the activation of new SAP objects in ABAP-based SAP systems.

·         Select applicable Business Function and click on ‘Activate’.

·         The activation process triggers a background job that automatically performs all changes in the SAP system.

Facts of Business Functions

After you have activated a business function, you can see the changes and new developments in the SAP system, for example:

·         Menu entries

·         New screens

·         New fields on the application user interfaces

·         IMG activities required for the implementation

·         New table entries in Customizing tables and system tables

·         You can create a transport request with the current settings of the switch framework. You can check functional changes and the impact of an activated business function in advance in the business function documentation.


·         You cannot mix the installation of different enhancement package versions in your ABAP-based SAP system. You can have just one enhancement package version in the SAP system. This means, if you have already updated technical usages to a previous EHP you need to apply the current EHP to those components as well.

·         You cannot reverse most business function once they are activated. Due to technical restrictions, only a limited number of business functions are reversible

·         Update only software components that are related to the functions.

·         Business Functions are available for ABAP-based systems only, not for JAVA based systems. There are no business functions for JAVA systems or instances.

Impact of Installation

·         SAP clearly mentioned in EHP installation documents on the fact that the installation of SAP Enhancement package has no impact on existing business process or user interfaces, as long as no business function has been activated.

·         SAP provided impact assessment list on Business Functions. Contact SAP/Search SMP.

Installation Procedures - Prerequisites

·         Check if all prerequisites are met to apply enhancement package.

·         If Solution Manger is used to install Enhancement Package then, make sure latest version of SAP Solution Manager installed and SAP system landscape properly maintained in SMSY.

Installation Procedures – step by step

Tools:  Below listed tools help to Install/upgrade enhancement package into your landscape.

·         SAINT Tool or

·         ABAP:  SAPehpi or

·         SAP Solution manager Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ)  

Step 1: from stack.xml file – using installation tool start installation procedures.


Step 2: Select applicable Product Version, Technical Usage, Business Functions etc.


Product Version: EHP 4 for SAP ERP 6.0/ NW 7.01

Check box: Technical Usage: ESA ECC SE

Click on Download files.

Step 3: Select OS/DB – Dependent Files. Choose Continue.

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