Enable SAP Out Of The Box Enterprise Services (SAP OOTB ES)


Step 4:  Select Download type and Import Business Add-on/ Software Components into target SAP ECC system/local desktop.

Step 5:  Click Confirm Download.

Step 6: When download finishes, move the file to the SAP ECC Server and start the tool SAPehpi (SAP Enhancement package installer) in SAP ECC server.

Step 7: SAPehpi tool finishes installation by extracting files from downloaded basket (local desktop) and stack.xml.

Follow steps. Select applicable ‘Business Function’ or ‘Technical Usage’ from the list.

Finish installations on ECC/SAP Application Servers.

Phase 3:

ES Bundle - Import PI Content into PI ESR

Step 1: Search the ESR relevant Software Component (Ex: ESA ECC SE 604) XI content at SAP Service Marketplace (service.sap.com/swdc) under Download Support Packages and Patches.  Browse and add relevant PI Content to the download catalog as .rar file.  

Step 2: Download the XI content by first copying the file into download basket and export files into local desktop.

Ex: ESA ECC SE 604 relevant XI Content.

Step 3: .Start the Enterprise Services Builder and call the Enterprise Services Repository.


Step 4: Log on to the SAP system on Enterprise Services Builder.  

Step 5: Import the file into SAP PI Enterprise Services Repository.



Step 6: Downloaded file.


Unzip them to get tpz files.


 Step 7: Import all .tpz files

Step 8: Check & Complete list of XI Content at SAP PI ESR System.

Final Phase: Validate ECC System and PI ESR Systems for SAP OOTB ES webservice definitions and Service Operations respectively.


1.     SAP Community Network Wiki - Enterprise Services WIKI - ES Bundles Available Today

2.     Business Function Prediction for SAP ERP

3.     SAP Service Marketplace - SAP EhPs for SAP ERP 6.0: SAP Notes

SAP Notes:

SAP Notes



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