How to check and implement OSS notes


In the next screen, provide the short description in few words about the issue and click Continue.  The relevant OSS notes are displayed in the next screen. If none of them match with our criteria, then we can proceed to create a message to SAP with more details of the issue.  

This screen is displayed when we click the ‘Create Message’ button.

Here we can give details of the issue.  Fill in,

1. Short text

2. Long text

3. Steps to reproduce the issue

4. Attach any documents with screen shots.

5. Also provide the credentials for any system access. (Dev, Test or production system)

In the ‘Maintain Access Data’, temporary system Id and password are maintained for SAP until certain period of time. The duration is extended for more days, if needed.  

 Once all the details are specified, we can save the message for further editing

‘Save Message’ button, or send the message to SAP by clicking the ‘Send Message’.

The message can be monitored in the ‘my inbox’.  

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