How to check and implement OSS notes


To display user profile in OSS Portal  

Select ‘my profile -> Display my authorization’

1. To see what authorization you have like

  1. To view OSS notes
  2. Create/View SAP messages
  3. Register objects are modifications, etc.  

2.  To change your profile details.  

To Register Standard SAP Objects for modifications manually  

Select ‘Keys & Registration -> SSCR Keys’ menu.  In that select the ‘Register Object’ button and provide the details of the object like Program ID’, Object Type, Release no. etc. These details can be found when we click the change button on the standard objects (programs, function modules, etc).

Also, select the R/3 Technical installation no. from the list.  Once we register the object, we get a key from SAP. This key can be used to modify the standard program.  


For example, for the program RFKORD11, click the change button to see the details to enter in the above screen,  

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