How to check and implement OSS notes


To implement OSS SAP Notes automatically from transaction ‘SNOTE’.  

Download the SAP Note from OSS portal by the ‘Download SAP Note’ option from the ‘Goto’ menu.  


The SAP Note can also be downloaded from the application toolbar button.  


On clicking the download option, a popup is displayed to provide the note number for download.  


All the newly downloaded SAP Notes can be viewed in the node ‘New’ under root node ‘SAP Notes’.  


The image in front the SAP Note indicates whether it can be implemented or not.  


The details of individual SAP Note can be seen by double-clicking the note. The implementation status tells us whether the SAP Note can be implemented or not.

The objects impacted and the correction instructions can be seen from the hierarchy in the left side of the screen. An SAP note can be implemented by clicking the menu

‘SAP Note Display -> Implement SAP Note’  

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