Assigning Roles to a Position in HCM


Enter the position no. (As fetched in the initial steps) for in the “Choose Position” dialog box and press Enter. Following screen will appear.

Now you can create the relationship between the position and the role here. You can also specify the begin date and end date for the role being assigned to the position i.e. you can decide on the duration till you want the role to be assigned to the particular position. After mentioning the dates and all press on “Create” as highlighted. Following screen will appear.

Click on the first icon on the top from left i.e. “Indirect User Assignment Reconciliation” as highlighted. After performing the required actions, come back to the “Change Roles” screen.

Click on “User Comparison” button and then press on “Complete Comparison” button which appears on the pop-up screen. Once the comparison is done, the User Comparison button on main screen will turn to Green indicating that the process is done correctly.

Now when you are done with the following steps, go to tcode “SU01” to check whether the role has been assigned to the user or not.

Enter the username in “User” text box and press the “Display” icon from the top menu as highlighted in the screen shot.  

Go to the “Roles” tab to check for the roles assigned to the employee/user.

The highlighted portion shows that the role has been assigned to the employee/user. Similarly we can follow the above steps to assign other set of roles.

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