SAP System Load Generator (SGEN)


4.     Regenerate Existing Loads

This option allows us to regenerate all the ABAP loads and invalidated loads that exists in our system, and to generate loads for objects of a Support Package queue. After selecting this option press .  We can select any of the two options as below –

*       Generate all Objects with Existing Load

*       Generate Objects with Invalidated Load Only

The load of an object becomes invalidated if after the time the load was generated, some changes related to activation were made to the objects directly or indirectly such as includes or tables. This may occur by importing a Support Package (transaction SPAM) or a kernel patch. If we want to generate loads for objects of a Support Package queue, start the task after importing the queue. We also have an option for automatic generation of invalidated loads by scheduling RSGENINVLAS for relevant time and period.

5.     Generate Objects of a Transport Request

This option can be used to regenerate the ABAP load for all objects in a transport request that can be generated. It does not take ABAP loads into consideration that were invalidated by modified Dictionary objects. To include these loads, choose option 4 as described above Regenerate Existing Loads  Generate Objects with Invalidated Load Only.

After selecting this option press  and on the next screen will appear that will allow us to search/choose the name of the transport request.

6.     Generation of BSP Applications

This option allows us to generate Business Server Pages (BSP) applications of selected software components. Every Business Server Page is realized technically by ABAP object class. BSP applications are not included in the generation sets of the Generate All Objects of Selected Software Components, Regenerate After an SAP System Upgrade and Regenerate All Existing Loads tasks, since they are optional. After selecting this option the software selection screen will appear. In this we can restrict the BSP applications for the selected software components.

After selecting this option press

Selection of servers for parallel generation

The generation of the sets can be divided into furthur subsets which can be processed in parallel depending on the resources and we can schedule the jobs for parallel processing where multiple processes can be executed on one server.

On the screen of Selection of Servers for Parallel Generation, we can select the servers that are to be used in the parallel processing.


The default selection uses the server that you are logged on to. It corresponds to your logon server choose

If we want to exclude some particular servers from the generation, then we can select the servers here and choose

Schedule the Load Generator in the background 

We have the option for scheduling the job either “Immediately” or “Schedule Job at time”.


Monitoring the Job for Load Generator

We can press  on the first screen of the SAP Load Generator (SGEN) to go directly to the job monitor. In the Job Monitor you see information about the current job or jobs that have already run or we can also monitor the job in transaction code SM37 (the job name is RSPARAGENER8).

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