Transporting objects in PI


Importing IR objects

Now to import the object that was exported in the previous step in to another server (Quality for example) , Go to the import path of the QA server

C:\usr\sap\<logical system of target>\SYS\global\xi\repository_server\import

And place the .tpz file in the folder

Now go to the target system’s IR and choose Tools -> Import design objects

The object list will be displayed depending on the .tpz file placed in the import path

Now click on ‘OK’ and the object will be imported into the target system

Transporting Configuration objects

Unlike design objects your Integration directory objects will require adapter level configurations to be re-done after transport

In your source system choose the Configuration which needs to be transported and right click

Choose ‘Export’ . As in the case if IR objects, a .tpz file will be created in the path

C:\usr\sap\<Logical system of source >\SYS\global\xi\directory_server\export

Copy the file and place it in the Import path of the target system

C:\usr\sap\<Logical system of target >\SYS\global\xi\directory_server\import  

Now go to the Integration Directory home page of target system, Tools -> Import configuration Objects. The resulting screen will list the objects. Click on OK and the object will be thus imported.

Note: The adapter related configuration needs to be re-done as the Business system and involved system are generally different from those used in Development environment

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