Creation of WEB UI Component and navigation with standard component


4. Click on ‘Create New Field’ button in the AET pop up window.

5. Supported Business Objects for the selected view are displayed. Select ‘Campaign’ from the list.

6. On selection of BOs, list of supported sub-objects of selected BO is displayed.

7. Select ‘Product’ and click ‘Ok’ button.

8. New custom field with new system generated Enhancement Id and Field Id is created.

9. Fill in the entries as required for the field parameters like Field Label, Data Type, Length, Mobile, Dropdown options, Translations.

10. Once all properties are entered, click on ‘Back’ button.

11. Click on the ‘Save and Generate’ Button. In this step, all the extensions that need to be generated from the list would be generated. If you want to restrict the generation, you can do so by selecting/deselecting the extension ids from the list.

12. Prompt for the TR is displayed. Enter the TR and proceed.

13. The enhancement with the extension field would be created.

14. Once we have the field enhancement created, create the custom configuration either from GUI or UI AET tool (initial screen) and add the newly created field from the ‘Available Fields’ list to the ‘Displayed Fields’ list ,changing the Field Label if required.

15. Save the configuration and port the custom TR using transaction ‘scc1’ to the desired testing client to test.

The AET field created would be added to the BOL structure and other related structures and tables automatically. If you had opted for Mobile, the related CDB tables are also populated with the field.

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