Creating OCA(On Click Action) in SAP CRM WebUI


6.       Now we want to create an Event named ‘LINKCLICK’, because we have given this as the event to be triggered when user click on OCA. In Event handler node of component workbench, right click and click Create, in the following popup give event name as ‘LINKCLICK’


7.       While generating events, system automatically prefixes our event name with ‘EH_ON’. So our event name will be EH_ONLINKCLICK


8.       Now double click on event EH_ONLINKCLICK and implement the following code


In this scenario, I fire a plug and navigate to detailed overview window to display complete details about selected record. So I call a method, which fires outbound plug and navigates to next view  

FYI, for sake of simplicity I use this navigation for OCA implementation, but we can implement any action for OCA like giving a popup, deleting/editing record in list etc… 

9.       I already have an Outbound plug created and linked with destination view, Just for your information take a look at Outbound plug related stuffs. Here also we just need to give plug name. Here my plug name is OVERVIEWPAGE1, OP_TO_ will be prefixed automatically while generating plug event


10.   Double click on this outbound plug and create implement following code


Here outbound_plug (‘TO_OVERVIEWPAGE1’) is name of the navigation link which is created in Runtime Repository and has details about destination view. Save->Check->Activate this and press F3 to get back to Component workbench  

11.   I have already created navigation link for this purpose in Runtime Repository. In short, navigation link has details about source and destination views and name of plug which get fired and initiates navigation from source view to destination view. In Runtime Repository my navigation link TO_OVERVIEWPAGE1 will looks like


Always the changes made to Runtime Repository should be saved, if notour changes will be discarded  

12.   Now we can test our component. Description attribute in search list will be displayed with hyperlinks as shown in below figure


13.   If we click on Hyperlink, it will navigate to overview page by firing outbound plug and this is the Action intended for this OCA. I Click on 2nd record (Alex Sterling, Chicago, USA) from search list of search view and It will navigate to Overview page and displays details of selected record as shown below.

Note: As I mentioned earlier, any action can be implemented for OCA.  Not just Navigation, any action depending on requirement can be implemented

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