Advanced Search Component for OneOrder Objects in SAP CRM 7.0 Part 1


8.     Define the Model Node BTQR1Order of type BOL BTQR1Order to keep & Share the search result list.

9.     As shown below choose ‘Create’ to define new Context node for Custom Controller QueryCuCo.


10.  Enter the Model Entity BTOrder of type BOL BTOrder.

11.  Choose Higher Level Context node as BTQR1Order and choose BOL Relation BTADVS1Ord.

Note: The relation BTADVS1Ord was already discussed at the start which we found in Genil model Browser.


12.  Go to the Search View and create binding for context node BTQR1Order.

13.  As shown below enter the BSP Application, Controller Type, Custom Controller Name and Target Context node of Custom Controller.

14.  Create new view Result.

15.  Define the Model Node BTQR1Order of type BOL BTQR1Order to store the one order result list. Also define the Model node BTOrder of type BOL BTOrder. Use the Higher level node BTQR1Order with BOL relation BTADVS1Ord.

16.  Create binding/links of context node BTQR1Order with the custom controller context node BTQR1Order.

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