Advanced Search Component for OneOrder Objects in SAP CRM 7.0 Part 2


14.  Go to View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. Define the new Outbound Plug ‘TODetails’.

15.  New method OP_TODETAILS will appear as shown below under the node Outbound Plugs.

16.  Open the Runtime Repository Editor.  Create Navigational Link from Result list to Details Overview Page.

17.  Enter the Navigational Link ID ‘TODetails’. As shown below choose the Source Details (View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result, Outbound Plug TODETAILS) and the Target Details (ViewZRAK_ORDERSRCH/DetailsOV, Inbound Plug DEFAULT).

18.  The Navigation Link would appear as shown below.

19.  Go to View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. Create New Event ‘SELECTION’.

20.  The event handler method EH_ONSELECTION would appear as shown below.

21.  Call the outbound plug method OP_TODETAILS into event handler method EH_ONSELECTION.

22.  Pass the navigational link name ‘TODETAILS’ as outbound plug name for navigation from View Manager.

23.  The Navigation from Result list to Details OverviewPage is ready to use. Test the Component.

Search the one order object. E,g, 5000000. Hover the cursor in Transaction Number, You would see the tool tip text ‘Click to see the details’. Click on the Hyperlink.

24.  The Details would appear into new Overviewpage as shown below.

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